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Casseroles (Burrito, Enchilada, Veggie Casserole)


Large Casserole(s) 89.90 (One Order Serves 24)

Small Casserole(s) 44.95 (One Order Serves 12)



Number of People:

Taco Bar 8.95 per person

Taco Salad 8.95 per person

Mexican Plate 13.45 per person

Manny's Favorite Fajitas, Veg 17.45 per person

Manny's Favorite Fajitas, Beef 19.85 per person

Manny's Favorite Fajitas, Chicken 18.65 per person

A La Carte


Quesadillas 39.50 (24 wedges, beef or chicken)

Quesadillas 29.50 (24 wedges, cheese only)

Bombas 34.95 (24 pieces)

Chips & Sauce 17.95 (serves 24)

Large Rice or Bean 50.00 (Large Serves 48)

Small Rice or Bean 25.00 (Small Serves 24)

Tacos and Small Flautas 28.00 (serves 24) 6 inch

Dozen Tamales with 16oz Pork Chili 32.00



Sopapillas 24.95 (1 Order Serves 20)

New York Cheesecake 6.95 (1 Order Serves 1)

Available Antojitos


Guacamole Dip(s) 46.00 (Order Serves 20)

Monterey Cheese Dip(s) 42.00(Order Serves 20)

Jalapeno Cheese Dip(s) 32.00(Order Serves 20)

Mannys Burrito Dip(s) 32.00 (Order Serves 20)

Pico de Gallo 24.00 (Order Serves 20)

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